Czech manufacturer of industrial LED lighting

LED lighting for businesses that often have lights on for a long time. Double your savings.

We are the first Czech manufacturer of industrial LED lighting. We develop and manufacture our products based on our 22 years of experience in the field of LED, cooling and control. We use premium Japanese Nichia LED chips, which provide high efficiency and stability.

We offer multiple returns on the initial investment within the warranty period, a first class lighting output, the lowest operating costs, a 7-year warranty covering a drop in light intensity, an extended operating temperature, water tightness, excellent mechanical resistance and the lowest light weakening at high operating temperatures.

Production hall savings since Jan 1, 2010


Our LED solution and products

Industrial LED lighting suitable for every operation.

sTube – LED lamp

Replaces fluorescent luminaries.

sTube is a complete LED lighting fixture with an externally led power supply and control unit. It has been designed for a highly cost-effective operation and an extraordinary light quality. It is the essential element in most Snaggi products. The final product is assembled in the Czech Republic at Snaggi.

sLamp - public LED lighting

Replaces public lighting lamps.

A new era of advanced LED street lighting is here. The technologically-perfect sLamp is an aspirant to win the technology vs. savings battle. The sLamp is a synonym for a high-end product with the maximum pressure on cost-saving and maintenance-free operation.

sCluster – LED hanging lamp

Replaces efficient discharge lamps.

The sCluster - a savings shark. Through its uncompromising efficient operation it punishes all other lamps firmly and harshly. The sCluster combines all the benefits and strengths of the sTube, and this is fully multiplied in the battle for most economical operation.

sPanel – LED recessed lamp

Replaces ceiling, recessed lamps.

sPanel sets a new standard for modern and cost-effective lighting. It may be used in common offices and corridors, commercial areas as well as in specific applications.




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LED lights after 3 years of operation snd their comparison


In 2009, we realized light replacement in the hospital in Novém Městě na Moravě, as the first LED light manufacturer in the Czech Republic. 3 years after successful operation we compared our LED light

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